Like Australians, Fijians drive on the left-hand side of the road. While Fiji does not boast the standard of highways as in Australia, the roads are fairly decent considering that it is a 3rd world country.  


Your Australian driver's licence will allow you to hire and drive a car on your Fijian holiday. Most of the international Car rental companies operate their services in Fiji.  However, transportation is relatively inexpensive in Fiji.  For example, a taxi ride from Nadi International Airport, where you will arrive, to the Golfing resort of Denarau Island will take all of about 20-25 minutes and set you back about $15 Fijian dollars (approx $10 Aus).


Transport on Denarau Island Golf and Country Resort is via a "Bula Bus". There is a nominal fee.  The Bula Bus will ferry you to anywhere on the Island and operates at 15 minute intervals for most of the day.


The locals travel mainly in open-windowed buses which can be quite a treat if you are adventurous enough to try it. It will be a different kind of experience to anything you have tried at home as the ride will resemble something of a carefree carnival atmosphere of music and banter as you mingle with the locals.


Road rules and laws are very much the same as in Australia so you'll have no problems getting about on your own if you decide to hire a car.

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