Formerly a British colony, Fiji gained its independence peacefully in 1970. However, in 1987, Fiji experienced its first military coup which came as a shock to the islanders of this tranquil paradise.  After the unrest of earlier years, Fiji is on the road to re-building a nation on a path of strong democratic principles that will remove unjust policies of the past which were responsible for widespread corruption and drug associated criminal activity.


The current administration is stamping out deep-rooted corruption, malpractices and major drug syndicates who were using Fiji as a staging point for shipping large quantities of illicit drugs overseas.


This move has seen the emergence of many Fijian towns and cities becoming crime-free ensuring tourists enjoy a safe and memorable stay in these beautiful islands.




Fiji's main economy for many years was Sugar. Over the years it has declined and been replaced by Tourism although there are moves to revive the ailing sugar industry.


Fiji is rapidly moving to diversify its economy and, amongst other things, is becoming famous throughout the world for their health and well-being products and services including the famous Fijian "Bobo" (pron: Borm-bore) or massage.  Fiji Water contains the most beneficial minerals for health and well-being than any other water product on the planet and is fast becoming an iconic feature in Hollywood movie productions.


Fiji Water is the safest in the world to drink largely due to the pollution-free environment that Fijians have maintained for decades through their ancestral heritage.

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