Climate & Clothing


Fiji enjoys year round tropical temperatures of between 25-29 degrees making it the perfect location for sun-lovers.


A 30+ sun-screen protection is highly advisable to pack on your tour to Fiji. The waters are warm and inviting making it the perfect location to enjoy a myriad of exciting water sports.


Since Fiji enjoys a year round tropical climate, the best mode of clothing is light cottons. Cool and comfortable casuals are the best way to go - t-shirts, shorts, loose fitting dresses, shirts and thongs. The Fijian "sulu" (like a sarong) is a great way to enjoy the care-free lifestyle of tropical Fiji. Men just wrap it around their waist and the ladies wear it as a wrap-around from the neck or around their waist over their swimsuit. If you happen to enjoy walking, light runners are ideal to take along on your Fiji vacation.


Of course, if you're playing golf, then it is recommended that you wear the normal dress code of any private course in Australia - the only difference being that it would be advisable to wear shorts and ankle socks instead of long socks. A hat or cap is a must to keep cool as is copious amounts of Fiji Water to keep you hydrated.

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