The Fiji Islands is one of the most beautiful peaceful holiday spots in the South Pacific. Having more than 300 islands in it archipelago that are surrounded with coral reefs and sandy beaches lapped by warmed pacific water, it is my first choice for great diving and snorkelling as well as swimming, relaxing and generally soaking up great Fijian hospitality. If you are looking for a perfect family holiday then Fiji has to be high on your list. The main reason is that all fijians love children.  It is hard to explain, but Fijians have this natural warmth and attraction that children just love. As you know if you have a family. If you are not worrying about your children then you actually can relax.

There is so much more than the natural beauty and untouched scenery than meets the eye. The secret to this is in the people of Fiji. If you allow yourself to slow down and relax into their home environment you will know what I mean. I actually think the Fijians know the secret of life. They may not give us the secret, but they will welcome us to enjoy it with them. If you want a holiday that will transform your busy lifestyle, then go to Fiji.

Read on and discover the true Fiji and hopefully we can help you experience it for yourself- again and again.


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